DataLakeHouse takes advantage of native cloud capabilities, and again focuses on brining business value to every organization large and small. yes, we use kubernetes (k8) to do that.

So, what is helm for Kubernetes? And how does DataLakeHouse use it for establishing application presence.

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that makes it easy to push apps and services that are repeatable or get used in many different scenarios and makes it easier to deploy those apps/services to a kubernetes cluster.

As an open source project DataLakeHouse enjoys being part of the larger open source communities and we use Open Source technologies as much as possible to enable transparency of our business logic and framework especially for our enterprise clients where closed source code can often be a hurdle to adoption or acquisition.

Since DataLakeHouse is all about learning, in this post we’re only going to point you in the direction of a few resources we think are awesome on the web right now for quick edification for yourself.

More about Helm for Kubernetes:

After walking through the above, in less than one hour you should have your sea legs under you for working with Helm. We do think that at least a few days having worked with a few kubernetes tutorials will be best to understand the basics of kubernetes so please review our What is Kubernetes post to get a quick rundown of learning Kubernetes (K8’s) logic and the basics if you haven’t been exposed to the concepts of that framework yet.

As always leave comments elow.

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