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image of various visual representations of data including a bar graph, a pie chart, and a graph with a trendline

Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics

My Opinion on the Differences and Why You Should Care Business intelligence and business analytics may seem like a couple of buzzwords to some of us (myself included, originally), but they are both actually extremely

illustration of various different colored dots connected within an outline of a brain to depict an abstract visualization of machine learning

Machine Learning for Business Decisions

A brief explanation of machine learning and how an organization can benefit from incorporating this new technology into business decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) might seem like foreign concepts to some of

Data Warehouse vs. Data Mart

Trying to separate the nuances between a Data Warehouse and a Data Mart is similar to buy a car and try to determine if you want a coupe (2 doors) or a sedan (4 doors).

Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake (Storage)

You’ve probably been led astray about what a ‘Data Lake’ is by so many articles, conference talks, vendor marketing hype machines, and lack of use cases to prove the fulfillment of the vision previously held

Data Warehouse vs. Database

Because of the endless confusion from decision makers on establishing data driven decision making in their organization at all levels this post seeks to explain one of the fundamentals in mastering business analytics. Again a

Welcome to Data-Driven Decision Making for All

We’ve contemplated long and hard about the challenges that face the modern business with regard to data as an asset or “data as the new oil”. We’ve spent even longer toiling over and bringing solutions