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We’ve contemplated long and hard about the challenges that face the modern business with regard to data as an asset or “data as the new oil”. We’ve spent even longer toiling over and bringing solutions to hundreds of organizations that meet these challenges head on. With little variation from industry to industry the core challenges to become a data driven organization exist. Or should we say the same opportunities exist in every organization, just as the very similar mitigating circumstances seem to be present.

In an effort to move the needle and change the conversation to one that allows the art of the possible, we’ve built the DataLakeHouse.

No one can tell you what the DataLakeHouse is, you really need to see it for yourself.

What we can tell you is that it is an open-source platform stack that brings the known technologies, open standards, best practices, and subject matter expertise together to meet big data challenges, both small and large.  It reduces the barrier to entry for any organization to be competitive. Our most passionate belief is that DataLakeHouse educates and informs. Being that DataLakeHouse is an end-to-end platform with primary directives that include ‘business-value from data’, educating organizations, especially business leaders and legacy IT professional is a drive towards eliminating confusion on big data topics and bringing businesses into the know.

Whether you’re full-on in the cloud, trying to figure out a hybrid-cloud architecture, or contemplating differences between a Data Lake and Analytics (a very common point of confusion we see), DataLakeHouse is a move in the right direction for you.

We recommend you join our newsletter, bookmark this site, and when available download DataLakeHouse to get started.

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