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What is Helm for Kubernetes

DataLakeHouse takes advantage of native cloud capabilities, and again focuses on brining business value to every organization large and small. yes, we use kubernetes (k8) to do that. So, what is helm for Kubernetes? And

How to use set -ex in Linux

DataLakeHouse uses linux shell scripts for creating most of the virtual machines to install the application components that make up the platform. As such each script after the #!/bin/bash first line of the script, we

Data Warehouse vs. Data Mart

Trying to separate the nuances between a Data Warehouse and a Data Mart is similar to buy a car and try to determine if you want a coupe (2 doors) or a sedan (4 doors).

Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake (Storage)

You’ve probably been led astray about what a ‘Data Lake’ is by so many articles, conference talks, vendor marketing hype machines, and lack of use cases to prove the fulfillment of the vision previously held

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Data Lake is short for ‘Data Lake Storage’

We’ve been implementing, discussing, designing and generally speaking about Data Lake, Lambda Architectures, and Object Storage since before it was cool. The idea that you can look at all of your organizations data as an

Data Warehouse vs. Database

Because of the endless confusion from decision makers on establishing data driven decision making in their organization at all levels this post seeks to explain one of the fundamentals in mastering business analytics. Again a

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Style Guide: Use of Hyphen or Underscore

For the DataLakeHouse team we actually had a drawn out conversation about style for all development principles. At least the basics for now. This involved “Do we use hyphens or underscores for development?”, “When do

Welcome to Data-Driven Decision Making for All

We’ve contemplated long and hard about the challenges that face the modern business with regard to data as an asset or “data as the new oil”. We’ve spent even longer toiling over and bringing solutions

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