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This is the age of data.

Explore and find articles about everything from Machine Learning, Data Warehousing, Data Lake Storage, Big Data, Analytics, and more to achieve Data-Driven growth/dominance.

illustration of various different colored dots connected within an outline of a brain to depict an abstract visualization of machine learning

Machine Learning for Business Decisions

A brief explanation of machine learning and how an organization can benefit from incorporating this new technology into business decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) might seem like

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What is Helm for Kubernetes

DataLakeHouse takes advantage of native cloud capabilities, and again focuses on brining business value to every organization large and small. yes, we use kubernetes (k8) to do that. So, what

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How to use set -ex in Linux

DataLakeHouse uses linux shell scripts for creating most of the virtual machines to install the application components that make up the platform. As such each script after the #!/bin/bash first

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Data Warehouse vs. Data Mart

Trying to separate the nuances between a Data Warehouse and a Data Mart is similar to buy a car and try to determine if you want a coupe (2 doors)

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